Intasia Records

It’s always nice to hear about the birth of new record labels; especially ones looking to be different.  Damian Robinson caught up with new kids on the block, Intarisa Records, to hear about their Mission and their approach to innovation.

Hey Intarsia, your website bio sounds really exciting.  For those yet to hear about Intarsia could you tell us a little more about the label please?

Intarsia Records is a brand-new label made up of a team of creatives from across the UK and experience in a variety of fields across the music industry such as video production, music psychology, recording, PR and even musicians themselves. 

At the centre of everything though is our drive to make a difference and help those who might otherwise be underrepresented, an issue which is sadly very much still prevalent throughout the industry.  

Speaking of under-represented genres, do you have any genres in mind that you are looking to bring to the label?

At the moment, we are focusing on working with artists in R&B and Hip-Hop, but the team has a variety of genres they love.   I think putting our focus onto artists that sit outside our usual comfort zone forces us to develop as a label and learn new skills that are common within a certain genre but maybe not so much outside that genre. The aim is that we can then take these skills and transfer them across genres in future releases to make sure we can offer the best possible release plan regardless of the artist we’re working with. 

Does Intarsia have any artists it’s currently working with and if so what future releases can we look forward to?

So we’ve just signed our first artist and are looking forward to revealing them very soon… For now though we can definitely say that we’re very excited to work with them and they just instantly clicked with all of us when we first heard them. 

Beyond our first signing definitely expect to see us working with more artists in the future.

The Intarsia team have a really strong creative and events background; is this part of what differentiates you from other labels?

Absolutely some of us have a focus in PR and marketing which is obviously helpful when trying to market a release, we have musicians and sound engineers and one member of the team has a background in the psychology of music. But the thing that really brings us together is a love for new music and up and coming artists. Between us we have a really diverse and fresh take on what the music industry can and should be and how artists can get everything they can from the industry with our support. 

Finally, if anyone is interested in working with Intarsia, what’s the best approach?

Feel free to either email us at or fill in our submissions form at: You can also find our socials through @intarsiarecords.