Patience – Timelapse

I know you shouldn’t generalise.. but.. sometimes it feels like the right thing to do when you’re trying to get to the point.  So, as a generalisation, it often feels like the job of the debut EP is to tread a safe, well-trodden, ground.  A new band/artist takes logical steps to build their confidence (and reputation) by following fashionable production/structural patterns; it makes complete sense.

Trading experimentation for attention, debut EP’s often seem designed to be heard, enjoyed, and fit in with the ‘in’ crowd. 

But, just like the last person in class to catch up with the latest trend, the debut EP can be a little dull and a little forgettable.

So fair play to Patience who’s debut EP is anything other than ‘by the book’ guitar/indie/rock with four interestingly produced/sequenced/arranged tracks which invert traditional emo/indie textures in return for contemplative tracks.  Sounding, in places, like pieces from U2’s No Line on the Horizon this isn’t the usual sound of a band tiptoeing into the party; more the sound of a band aspiring to be the party.  Great work.