Arcade Skies –

When Daft Punk split up this year the socials were full of indie kids moaning that clever, funky, disco sounds wouldn’t ever be as intellectual-yet-danceable again; they’d be left with the nonsense EDM makers who get the beat right, but seldom ‘get’ the humour of dance music.  Whitley Bay’s Arcade Skies clearly understands the type of sound/feeling/imagery that the indie kids want – EP opener 2 3 0 belting out the type of funky grooves that get the heart and the head going with both 80s infused block rocking beats and ‘cleverness’ required in dance, whilst closer Mirrors and Pocket Shrapnel both kick with interesting pulses and nods to something much deeper than looped beats.  Get the message to the indie kids that they can return to the dance floors.