Whiskey Myers interview. 5.7.17


By: Damian Robinson

The Band: Whiskey Myers

The past three years have been more than eventful for Texan based, country rockers, Whiskey Myers.  Following up their 2014, #1 iTunes Country Chart album ‘Early Morning Shakes,’ with a tour schedule that would shame even workaholics, the band returned with last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Mud’ album.

Back on tour to support the release of their latest single ‘Deep Down in the South’ Damian Robinson caught up with Whiskey frontman Cody Cannon to chat about their reputation as a live act, how they maintain their motivation and their love of the UK.


Damian Hey Cody how are you?


Cody Good, thanks, right on


Damian NE Volume came to see your show last year when you supported Cadillac Three in Newcastle, what a great energetic show, thank you


Cody Thanks, that’s really nice to hear.  I remember the show well and we really enjoyed it. We’re really proud of our reputation as a live band.


Damian You have such a good, not to say award-winning, reputation for your live, energetic shows, how do you maintain such high standards?


Cody  Being a good live band is something we really pride ourselves on.  We like to bring it every night.  In a lot of ways we enjoy being on stage more than being in the studio so with that we really strive to make our shows better and outplay ourselves every night.


Damian That’s a great attitude.


Cody Thanks, we’ve been performing live for ten years now so we know how we all work on stage.  (laughing) Sometimes you get a little tired but other than that performing live is part of our DNA now.  But yeah, our reputation of having a high-energy show is something we’re really proud of and it makes us who we are.



Damian There does seem to be a big Country/Americana rock scene in the UK with a reputation for having a drink, partying and letting their hair down.  Do you find the UK crowd different to other crowds at all?


Cody Yeah we really dig the UK.  The people in the UK have been great to us.  They’re

amazing fans and they’re really into our music and our show.  They turn up early, stay late, and we really appreciate how much they seem to enjoy our music.  You’re all our kind of people.


Damian Thanks.  All of your music, but Mud in particular, have enjoyed really good critical praise in the UK; particularly from the rock press like Kerrang and Classic Rock. It’s rare that all elements of the music press universally offer such high praise for a band.


Cody Yeah, we’ve been very fortunate.  People seem to really dig our music, and with Mud people really seem to get where we are trying to come from.  And that means a lot to us.  The UK’s always been good for us and we can’t wait to be back.


Damian:  Five months after it’s release, are you happy to play tracks from Mud or are you focused on writing new material?

Cody: Yeah, we love Mud so we’re still adding tracks from Mud to our set as people get to know the album more and more.  But we’re also in the process of starting to write new music for our new album.

Damian:  That’s impressive.  So you try to write and record when you’re on tour.

Cody: (Laughing) I wish.  We don’t really get any down time on the road so we just try to write and record when we can.  Usually that’s in the gaps between different legs of the tour.  We try to find the time.

Whiskey Myers will play the Newcastle O2 Academy on Wed 17 May.  Tickets start from £15 and are available from Songkick.  ‘Mud’ is available now.