Mushroom Works. 14.9.20

Leading the charge with providing working/production space for creatives, Mushroom Works have progressed far in their 15-year history; developing their locations originally from a disused warehouse to a multi premises operation.  Now one of the premier names in the North East for offering affordable, purpose created, locations for creatives looking for a location to develop their ideas, Mushroom Works often have large waiting lists for space – such is their reputation for building long term relationships.  Reopened recently, the Mushroom Works shop, opening on the first Saturday of every month and selling Super Handmade Original Products also has a reputation for offering interesting, unique, products designed by local artists and designers.  Damian Robinson caught up with Mushroom Works manager, and local furniture designer and maker, Nick James to find out more about the locations and the history of Mushroom.

Hi Nick, can you tell us a little about the purpose and vison behind Mushroom Works please?

Yeah sure, we opened in 2005 when I was looking for space for my own business which is a furniture design company.  I found that there wasn’t a great deal of space in and around the region for creatives and the space that was available was overpriced and, in some cases, badly run.  If you’re a creative person or company then you don’t need an office space, you need something which suits your needs.

So you opened up in 2005?

We did, we originally opened 12 studio spaces in the Mushroom Works, which also had a performance space which is ideal for small live shows or a small art gallery.  Covid has put an end to that for the minute, but the space is still there. 

And all spaces went quickly?

Yeah, what I find with Mushroom Works, and some of the additional locations we have spaces in, is that creative people like to be around other creative people.  So we have graphic designers, jewellery makers, musicians and a whole load of other creative types in our locations at the minute.  One of the only things I set out originally was to make sure there was a mixture of creative in each location.

As well as a  creatives you’re also conscious of creative budgets?

Yeah, we want to make sure that the studios are focused on building long term relationships for creatives, which you don’t always find in other property spaces.

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