Gary Numan.

At a time when dark electronic music is back in vogue both commercially and critically, it’s nice to see some of the founding fathers reaping the greatest rewards.  Generally speaking, 2017 was a good year for both Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails, pioneers of  goth-synth, with successful tours and sales for a various assortment of LPs and Eps.  Yet potentially the stand out electronica artist was Dorian Gray styled Gary Numan, who bounced into town with new album, Savage, (which broke his personal record for album chart placings), and a 5 star reviewed accompanying live show.

Contextualised inside a mythical future, Savage takes Numans traditional heavy/dark/intense computer-driven-goth-rock-sound and blends it with a dystopian future to create themes of alienation, paranoia and distrust.  Typical literary references (Vonnegut, Burroughs and, of course, Philip Dick) are used to immerse the listener into this world, making the album feel close to a science fiction gaming experience.

The immerse world of Savage was built out even further with its connected live show, a performance which was widely praised as Numan’s best yet in the first leg of it’s UK tour in late 2017; best yet being high praise indeed given his past successes.

Back for it’s second leg, this is fully recommended to anyone who likes interesting electronic music perfectly placed into a live setting.

Gary Numans ‘Savages’ will come to Middlesbrough  Empire on 17th March.