Sonic Boom. Things being equal.

Having reinvented himself in various forms since the grounding of The Spacemen 3, it’s somewhat heart-warming to see Peter Kember held in as much esteem for his recent production/mixing/solo work as he is for the output he created a lifetime ago.  Taking his identifiable Kraftwerk synth/experimental sound further out into the cosmos than previous work, ‘Things’ is a high-mark in the ‘Boom’ sound.

Sparse and minimal in places (‘On a summers day’), dance-floor ready in others (‘The way that you live’, ‘Tawkin Tekno’) ‘Things’ manages to recapture the electronic layering and pop melodies often seen in the most interesting of Boom’s production work (noticeably his work with Mngt and Panda Bear) and mix them with distant, spiritual, atmospherics.  To put a case forward to say this sounds like the love child of Kraftwerk’s ‘Autobahn’ and George Harrison’s ‘All things must pass’ wouldn’t be as strange as it might sound.  A truly unique record.