Beth Macari. 27.2.23

Heading back into our horzions, local Soul sensation Beth Macari returns with new single ‘Feel the Same’ and a date at this summer’s Hardwick festival.  Damian Robinson caught up with Beth to find out more.

You’re heading into 2023 with new single ‘Feel the same’,  could you explain a little about the sound of the record please?

I wrote this song with the aim of creating an upbeat, feel-good pop song, while staying true to my love of soul music.  I wanted it to be the kind of song that gets you in the mood for a good night out with your girls 

Vocals and lyrics seem to be a really important part of your songwriting style – could you say a few words about your message in the song and what you wanted to say?

There is a naughty little story to this song, it’s about when you lock eyes with someone for the first time and the excitement of getting to know them and maybe having some fun, I think most people can relate to that at one time or another. 

Your soul vocals always play a big part in the focus of your songs – how have you developed your vocals for Feel the Same, and what type of feeling were you trying to create with your voice?

I actually wrote the song a couple of years back so I have gigged it lots, and the song has changed along the way because of the live process, I think singing any song on stage and seeing people’s reaction is the best way to develop your voice and get a feel for how the song should be sung. Feel The Same has never failed to get people to dance and it’s one of the songs that is always mentioned at live shows from new audience members.

We see you’re already down to play the Hardwick festival in the summer- are you excited for that and do you know what set-up you’ll use?

I am so excited for Hardwick, it’s an amazing line-up! I’m going to be in my element performing with my amazing live 7 piece band. I can’t wait! 

Aside from the single release and Hardwick, where else do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I am actually working on my debut album, which is exciting but also pretty scary. 

I am really looking forward to putting out a full body of music as opposed to singles and EP’s, which is what I’ve always just done. ‘Feel The Same’ actually is the foundation for the album, it sets the tone for what I want to create.

Feel the Same is out now.