Floral Detectives. Nuns.

Sounding like it’s arrived straight off side 4 of The Clash’s Sandinista album, Nuns of Destruction throws just about everything at the traditional sound of punk to see what sticks around and which parts fall to the floor.  Designed within a punk setting, and founded on a dub-heavy/bouncy undercurrent, Nuns pulls apart the traditional ‘punk’ standard composition by mixing classic rock styled guitar licks, with Traffic/Steve Windwood keys and edgy power chords.

Combining to produce an intentional lo-fi, experimental, sound, Nuns (as with Sandinista) works due to the tight, solid, foundation at the heart of its structure (a pun-heavy investigation of the abuse of power) upon which it builds out a sound where the band take unusual risks and mix together unusual sounds. 

Edgy in the right places, but not taking itself too seriously, Nuns is perhaps as ‘punk’ (in the concept rather than the sound) as you can get.