Be Quiet, shout loud – 16.9.19

Glam/ dance/ good-timers Be Quiet Shout Loud have been making a dent in the local popular culture for some time; enriched by their last EP ‘Another commotion’ and by their Flaming Lips style live show.  Back with a new EP, and a launch party, the band caught up with Damian Robinson to tell him what to expect.

You played the Last Train Home festival recently and received a great reaction.  How was the show for you?

We had a great time playing in Darlington earlier in the year at Music Box, so knew to expect a belter of a show with Last Train Home. We’re sad that we were billed as bringing a “kaleidoscope vision of glitter and confetti” only to be told we were unable to use the canons seconds before taking to the stage, but it’s nice to see people still going mad without the confetti explosions.

You played a few tracks from the new EP ‘Fake emergency’, how did you find playing the new songs live?

They’ve been in and out of the set for a while now. We were away on tour in May doing sets between 60 – 90 mins and it seemed a perfect time to blood them. We tend to write together in the rehearsal space, see how it goes down live, butcher the arrangement in the studio, and then relearn post-studio wizardry. These songs are at the latter stage, so they feel just as good to play in the set as “I Won’t Sing 4 U” or “Superheroes” does.

There’s a real dance floor swagger on the EP, especially on opener ‘Answerphone’; is this a good indication of the sound the band want to continue to develop?

Answerphone is an amalgamation of a bunch of different Be Quiet. Shout Loud! flavours. We’re always billed as “Sequins, impressive dance moves and a whole load of sparkle… with 80’s-style synths, catchy lyrics and heaps of passion”. We’re just doing that even more so on record now.

There’s a real indie/funk cross over on ‘Scream!’ and it’s incredibly poppy.  Tell us a little more about that track and where the idea came from.

Scream! Clap Your Hands is actually the oldest track on the EP that’s changed significantly since we first tried it live back in March. It went down really well live, but was clear that it needed amping up even more. From there we took it into the studio, worked out a backing vocal/gang vocal arrangement to amp up the pop, and threw in some syncopated rhythms to keep the track grooving from section to section.

All of the songs on the EP are linked via the pressure of life in general, methods of escaping the pressure and mental health –

Scream! Clap Your Hands is aimed at the undue stress and strain politics can force upon people and their relationships and you know, – let’s have a dance instead. Having fun is more important than putting yourself through the wringer.

Fake Emergency is released on 19th October with a launch party at Middlesbrough’s Westgarth Social Club on the same day.