The golden age of nothing. Stockton music lounge. 12.1.19

If you combined the influences and sounds from tonight’s support acts (act one, ‘Horrible Porn’, drone induced artistic soundscapes in the style of Throbbing Gristle or Merzow; act two, Phantom Radio, emotional 80’s sounding synth meets pop a la OMD or Soft Cell) you may come close to describing tonight’s Golden age of nothing show.  Part accessible goth (‘Sleepwalkers’), part heavier guitar moments from the Mary Chain (‘You wish you were Bobby’) and part pop wrapped in experimental electronics (‘Tiny Failures’) Golden Age combined are an interesting, intense, examination of the darker sounds of the pop spectrum.  Slightly remote from each other the trio are on great form tonight, injecting emotion into their playing and performance; though at times offsetting their good work with self-deprecating remarks.  Perhaps in need of a boost in self-confidence The Golden Age collective take their music and their playing to interesting places which are worth visiting.

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