Seymour mace. 13.1.19. The stand

Seymour Mace, who may well have turned 50 by the time you read this, is quick to let us know of his upcoming half-century.  Partly a promo for an upcoming charity fundraiser, and partly an early defence to counteract his talk of retirement, age and aging are clearly pressing topics in the surreal mind of Mace.  Consistent themes in his work, Mace’s openness with aging, his falling out of love with comedy and his lack of material success, however embellished, are cornerstone elements of the type of alternative comedy so obviously attached to his core.  Brave in his willingness to create humour through the type of squeamish, awkward, moments you find yourself in when someone is being completely honest, Mace’s work is unique in structure and an exercise in a stream of consciousness with tonight’s highlight being his impromptu, honest, appraisal of upcoming Stand acts.

Joined for the majority of the show by fellow comedians (Gavin Webster, Louise Young and Simon Donaldson) the show is an impressive achievement given its minimal structure (a series of ‘set ups’) and although each comic is on fine form tonight it’s Mace, naturally, who leads the show and as such finds suitable moments to steal the laughs and stand out.

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