One million motors. The globe. 10.1.19

With The Gentleman Busker and The Pastures warming us up nicely with their blends of intense, punk-meets-folk, sounds, One Million Motors can’t help but hit a run home in front of an already ‘on side’ audience.  At their best when relying more on their Replacements meets early REM sounds (‘Ghosts’, ‘Radio electrify’, ‘Let me down’), The Motors cut a stage presence which mixes the ‘Stones devil may care attitude with an underlying love for a pop melody.  Driven by some outstanding guitar work reminiscent of Peter Buck’s combined jangle and thrash, the Motors are a lively act, melding punk narratives with the right amount of pop insight and warmth; theirs is a protest wrapped up in smiles.  Last year’s hit ‘Home away from home’ provides the largest cheers of the evening but it’s their newer material which sounds more interesting and shows the most promise.  Great work.

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