The Pixies. 3.12.16. Newcastle Academy.


Even though it’s been 12 years since reforming (a reformation that’s already lasted 5 years longer than their original time together) interest in the Pixies carries on to grow to such an extent that they can sell out the 2,000 Academy in 3 minutes and their whole UK tour in 7.

Not bad for a fat bloke who likes to wear cheap shirts (sorry Frank).

It’s always seemed reasonable to regard the Pixies as America’s ‘Smiths’, both producing exciting and rousing ‘indie’ singles with a stack of hidden meanings and pop sensibilities.  Watching the Pixies live that link becomes even more apparent, as does their desire to justify why they are held in such high esteem.  33 tracks in 90 minutes gives the audience the full spectrum of the Pixies sound in a style which is primal, urgent, vicious and very loud.

New material is distributed well across the set, presumably keeping the event interesting for the band and providing the classic hits for the fans.  ‘Monkey’s gone to heaven’ sparkles at the ‘God is 7’ refrain, ‘Here comes your man’ feels like the best un-released Beatles track and 2016 tune ‘Classic Masher’ steals the show with the line ‘saw you coming my way, put my nose in a book’.

The Pixies keep getting better and better.

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