Ne-Yo. 26.11.16. Newcastle Arena.


If you like pop then I’ll wager that you heard of Shaffer Chimere Smith (Ne-Yo to his friends) sometime around his 2006 breakthrough.

Proclamations at the time claimed he was the heir apparent to Jacko’s (self-elected) pop royalty crown, and though he never hit quiet those high’s, I’d be willing to bet that he can write, sing and, especially, dance better than 99% of the world’s population.

Performing to a small Arena crowd, Ne-Yo proved an incredible entertainer; enthralling the audience with his fancy footwork and pitch perfect voice.  Most impressive though is the set list which shows off just how many hits he has written over the past decade.  It’s not quite the hit-factory of Mowtown, but it’s impressive.

If the ultimate point of pop music is to make people dance, smile and feel good about themselves, then judging by the reaction of the crowd, Ne-Yo nailed it.

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