Cocaine Piss. The Sage Foundation Hall. 6.5.19

A one for the stage invaders this one as three punk/hard rock acts combine for an evening of anarchy, primal screaming and insanity in The Foundation Hall of The Sage; a venue which may become ‘the place’ for punksters to go to with it’s high ceilings, superb acoustics and plenty of space to play.  Carrying on their superb trajectory, openers Mouses are as consistent as always with new cuts ‘Hawaii’ (a Beach Boys/ Ramones styled pop punk wonder) and ‘Dorris’ (a tribute to dressing like Dorris day and being who you want) proving they’re still the ones to watch.  Blom follow with their hard rock/drone meets primal scream performance piece, finding frontwoman Hells on fine form; the moment she reverse stereotypes by entering the crowd and aggressively complimenting parts of the male audience is particularly thought provoking.  Which sets us up nicely for the Piss artists and the type of 1-2 minute hardcore punk/hard rock tracks which can’t help but impact you in some way.  Leading the charge, frontwoman Aurelie Poppins, all knee pads and crop tops, is on the go from the start, providing a focal point for a band who’s energy is an important as their sound.  As we leave there’s a touch of ‘I’m not sure what just happened’ on most people’s faces. That’s the point right?   

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