Tragedy and Elvano. Cluny. 6.3.16.

By far and away the best value gig I’ve ever been to.

All three bands could have headlined.

The Polis play so well that they help me to connect dots between the Police and some of the early Jam material.  I’m not convinced Weller would want to hear the reasons…

Elvana play with both intensity and a smile; bringing humour and reverence to Cobain’s message.

Tragedy take to the stage a few minutes later, bringing glitter, humour, sparkling outfits, wigs and rock to the evening.  You need strong harmonies to replicate the Gibb brothers; Tragedy have that with some to spare.

Seeing the worried look on the face of the vibesman as he was carried to the back of the venue will stay with me forever.

Brilliant.  I must dig out my dad’s Police greatest hits.

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