Jesse Malin. 13.7.16. Cluny 2.

Malin giving it the bejesuz


Malin’s shows now have an unfair place to live in my mind; they are expected to deliver.

I’ve seen Jesse  8, or 9, times now, and on each occassion  he has been exceptional.  Ferocious, passionate, funny, full of PMA… a relentless drive into the spirit of progressive, rebel-rousing, life-affirming, music.

Malin must be the most consistent performer I’ve sever seen- whether playing acoustically (like tonight), with a band, classic albums, or new tunes,- he’s always a perfect mixture of punk-meets-soul-meets-hardcore-meets-blues-meets-more-punk.

This man should be selling out the Arena.

The most consistent act i’ve ever seen; Jesse you can always sell any dream to me

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