Jesse Malin. 01.12.14. Newcastle Cluny


It’s not a great sign when a grown man stumbles onto stage, late, clutching a double whisky, sweating profusely, and the first noise out of his mouth is a croak. I don’t think it’s out of line to say that you tend to fear the worst….

Luckily, and thank’s mum for drilling this sentiment into me, first impressions can be deceiving. This is not a demonstration of a rock and roll lifestyle; instead it turns out Mr Malin has the flu.

We need a couple of minutes for the whisky to kick in and the flu to kick out.  When it does you wonder how a man in such a bad way can put so much energy into a show, and sound so good.

It’s impossible to describe Jesse without seeing him live.  He changes sounds and instruments regularly, saxophonists enter and exit the stage, he plays on the stage and in the crowd, old classics are played with unheard songs, there’s a Mcgowan cover, a new Sam Cooke sounding track, a Ramone’s cover, there’s an on-stage proposal.  It’s high energy, non-stop, rock and roll.

Malin remains the type of performer who has it all; the energy to direct his message; the intelligence to craft meaningful lyrics and the intensity to change a life.

Someone get this man another whisky..

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