The Jim Valentine. 6.12.14. Tynemouth Surf Cafe.



In order for new music to be heard by new people there has always been a need for a new venue.  Something new for new listeners to call their own.  Tynemouth’s surf café has been carving out that niche for the best part of 2014.  Combining retro décor with up and coming acts, it has become Tynemouth’s worst kept best secret.

Through a personal invite by the café’s promoter they recently managed to persuade Glasgow’s hotly tipped Jim Valentine to bring their own version of aggressive rock and blues down for an evening of fun.

And oh what fun was had.

For being so young into their lifetime, the JV have already carved out an incredible aesthetic for themselves; dark, moody, self-destructive, volatile; here is a band that really could go off at any moment. They combine a look of combat rock era clash with dark 80’s the Cure. Black textures combined with fine hair cuts.

Their sound is equally well formed, loud Jesus and Mary Chain feedback mixed with Jerry Lee Lewis rock and roll.

Live they are quiet seriously frightening; Rotten-style death stares mixed with a hoodlum style attitude.  They appear frustrated with the complacency of some elements of modern life.

Look out 2015, the JV looks like it’s going to shake you up.

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