Johnny Marr. 28.10.14. Newcastle 02 Academy.


In the days of corrupt politicians, over paid footballers and regularly ‘outed’ senior leaders in business, the media and religion, there doesn’t appear to be many male statesmen to believe in.  Who can a young man look up to?  Who isn’t going to disappoint them with a scandal, a secret love child or an abrupt change in personality?  For me, if my opinion counts for anything, there are only a handful of such good men.  Johnny Marr tops that list.

Johnny remains a guiding light for possibility; he carries himself well,  is well read, and spends time perfecting his craft. He makes as good a record as he ever has.  He is an institution in the greatest sense; he inspires others in what they can achieve.

Johnny live doesn’t disappoint- he is contentious with his Smiths catalogue, aware of his pre-solo material, and proud of his solo records.  He plays with his heart and soul.  His Newcastle gig also suggests that he is having the time of his life.  This show was a demonstration in the power of music; grown men dancing with joy and crying with sadness in the space of a song. Let’s hope Johnny’s inspiration never ends.

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