KRS One. 9.7.16. Newcastle O2 Academy.





There’s no doubting that music is at its most powerful when it has something to say, or when it makes your body move. Music that does both is lethal.

The music and lyrics of KRS One has a meaning and a beat well beyond ordinary hip hop. But can this power translate into a live performance? Anyone who has witnessed recent shows by 50 cent or the Wu Tang in Newcastle will know that hip hop doesn’t always make the transition from perfect recording to perfect stage show.

But there’s no need to fear with KRS who upsets the recent trend by proving that an anger, focus, and desire to communicate ensures a great hip hop show. Even loud feedback and an out of touch soundman can’t slow his tidal wave of words. It’s a pleasure to watch him live- his lyrics formed immaculately, his freestyle range bursting at light speed with thought and delivery, and his stage presence electrifying with an energy resembling the Clash. It’s like watching the Messi of football or the Ali of boxing- absolutely world class.

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