Sex Pissed Dolls. 22.7.16. Academy 2.


I spend a lot of my time at the minute processing information which seems to contradict itself; a lot of close friends and colleauges have increasing wages, yet many other friends have been through redundancy in the past 12 months. Some close friends and family members have moved into, or are at advanced stages of, parenthood- bringing a seemingly higher need for middle class consumerables, yet other friends scrimp and save and still live at home; I’m 37, this is well beyond the expectations passed on to us.  The banks have dommsday brexit beliefs that the UK economy is doomed, but the FTSE is at (almost) an all time high.

How am I to compute what all of this means to society as a whole,  when I can’t even make sense of what it means to me and my friends?  Should I even be looking for a common variable or are things without reason?

I don’t want my blogs to all sound the same, but I admit they take similar themes; predominatly about punk, almost certainly a reference to the work ethic of the artist and usually a comment on society (taken through my, only reasonbly informed, sources).

The Sex Pissed Dolls offer no answers or solutions to my questions- but they do offer almost all of what live music should – they make me smile, they fill me with optimism, and I leave the venue with more energy and ethusiasm that I had before I entered.

This year I’ve seen some absolute qualiity punk acts but, aside from Stiff Little Fingers, I must say that the best attitude, musicianship and energy have all been female led.  In Evil Hour, Clare Misstake from Richie Ramone, Juliettw Lewis, the entire line up of the Pins & the Ramonas UK and now the entire cast of the Sex Pissed Dolls.

I wasn’t looking to make this a feminsit comment but it’s hard to deny just how good all of those individuals have been when I’ve seen them this year.  Perhaps girls have more to shout about at the minute? Perhaps they have more stamina? Perhaps they’re just better.  The Sex Pissed Dolls provide an energy more than anger, they provide an energy of optimism.

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