Parastatic. 28.7.16. Cluny 2.


Garry Mulholland reviewed Kraftwerk once by remarking that ‘machines are the product of the dreams of humans’- a nice way of reminding us that electronic music can be as cold as binary language, and yet as warm as a human heart.

Whether aware of this review or not, Parastatic similarly appear focused on creating music which evokes emotion.   Their performance, a musical and visual package akin to factory era Velvets or the late 90’s Flaming Lips, entices the crowd into contradictory feelings- those of isolation and collectiveness.  Emotions are provoked, and directed, through Tron and William Gibson-esque visuals.  A pseudo emotional, drib, ‘show’ a la Take That or Cold Play this is not.  This is the machine being used to create emotion in the man.

Guitarists Jon Garrard and Neil Caffery add delicate, Spiritualized-esque, guitars to a rhythm created in equal parts by synthesised drum loops and a precise Rachel Casey.  This is the sound of dance music lost in outer space.

A rousing finale cover of Europe Endless (introduced by ‘Fuck Borris Johnson’) with it’s message of ‘real life and postcard views’ further makes the musical soundscape relevant and accessible- this is humans making machines accessible.


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