The Cadillac Three. Newcastle University. 29.1.16.


It’s good to stay away from the bland, impersonal, show venues.  Huge. Corporate. Vessels.

It’s not too outrageous to say that venues like the Newcastle Arena are one of the true enablers for artists with static gig sets, laminated security passes and scripted between-song-banter.

Goodnight Newcastle.  See you next year.  And the year after. And, if you’re still paying, the year after that.  Hey, I’ve got M&S bills to pay. Hey, my wife needs a new Mercedes and my house needs a new extension.

Fuck that nonsense.  Fuck that sales over credibility return.

Step forward the newly revitalised Newcastle University.  No longer the dive bar it used to be (it’s actually really tidy now) but not the Arena either.  A good venue for great bands.

One of those bands are the Cadillac Three; possible Tennessee’s best kept secret.  I say best kept secret, but the place is decked out in American styled delta rockers- you know the type- they like rawk and probably have a favourite wwe star.  Ever worked as a farm hand? No, but I do have a beard and a cap.

The Cadillac Three put on a hard rock show that well covers the small entrance fee.  Sounding like Pearl Jam meets Velvet Revolver, with a Fallowill on lead vocals; they play with an intense, bombastic, style.  There’s a strong sound and attitude, but it’s not all chest out, brow beaten music, it sees the humour in itself.  And whilst they may sing like the KOL there’s certainly no U2 style chorus at the ready to distract from all of the hard work.

Tell the Simply Reds to stay at the Arena and keep the Cadillac’s coming to the University.

Ye Ha.



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