Motorhead tribute day. Trillians. 24.1.16.


The route to Trillians through Newcastle city centre is an all to real display of the impact a few years of Cameron has had on the UK.  There are an increasing number of homeless.  Evidently the Tory party enjoy being the self appointed elite happy to make decisions about the future of the less fortunate.

I’m better than you. I’m more important. You aren’t adding anything to society, particularly cash, so we’ve decided to remove you from it.

And there’s nothing you can do about that.

Punk rock has come to mean almost all things to all men.  And most men seem to miss the point.

The core of Punk isn’t about nihilism and violence; its about remembering that no one person can ever claim to be better than anyone else.

It also reinforces the sentiment that only complacency can ensure suffering.

These messages are clear in the works of Motörhead.  Forget what the historians tell you in their attempt to define and date punk, Motörhead were one of the founding members.  Smart, intelligent lyrics with a sound so full of oxgyen it could burn down any school, any institution, any government.
And don’t even try to catch your breathe, cause here comes another one. And this ones aimed at your parents house.

The head have always offered both solace and sustenance to generations in danger of zoning out completely. They transform the anger of the unprotected into weapons of attack.  What better way to let someone know what you stand for than by recalling all of the things you’re against?

To commemorate what should have been Motorhead’s gig at Newcastle city hall, Trillians offered a free evening with Stone Deaf Forever; billed as the greatest Motorhead tribute act in the world.

Remove any cynicism you may have about means and ends of the event and consider it in the mould of a free gig.  In this context it’s as important as any free Rolling Stones gig at Hyde park: When was the last time Jagger and co gave anything, aside from their dignity, away?

Head fans respond in the best way to the memorial: By showing up, showing out and honouring the man who’s bloody minded ambition and work rate kept this message alive.

Its sad to say that the world needs the Head like never before.

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