Gabrielle Aplin. 3.2.16. Newcastle 02 Academy.


To decipher Gabrielle Aplin as this seasons Beth Orton mixed with last years PJHarvey seems pretty crass and unfair.
Aplin has the style, sass and panache to clearly be regarded as a unique artist; at least one within a particular genre.
Live she puts on a show which is clearly well thought through. Everything from the set list to the backing band have been well chosen and fit her particular image well.  It’s polite, informal, self-mocking, stylish- all mixed with a hint of indie polish.
Her cover of space oddity is a personal highlight. Whilst an obvious bowie cover/tribute its brilliantly arranged and draws out the lyrical highs of the song. Its the first thing I experience which brings me to Bowie induced tears. Almost. If only I wasn’t heartless.
A delightful little surprise from a new favourite.

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