Underworld. 14.03.15. Gateshead Sage.


I’m grateful to my musical heroes (Bowie, Marr, Lydon) for bringing me up to believe that music really should mean something.

But what of it’s influence in today’s world where the dinosaur major record labels continue to expire, where press and publicity budgets are at an all time low and investment in new bands barely exists?

As always Underworld were the band you wanted them to be, loud, brash and colourful; and yet this celebration of 20 years of dubnobasswithmyheadman couldn’t help feeling tinged slightly with sadness.

Who do Underworld pass their baton on to?

We can be confident that great dance bands will emerge in the future but will they (be able to) mean as much to as many people as Underworld clearly do? Big questions for a bigger day.

In the meantime let me thank Underworld for making their anniversary gig spectacular.

You keep me believing.

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