Cat Stevens. 18.11.17. City Hall.


As I age it feels more important to spend time with people who might not be with me for much longer.

It also feels important to find the right type of occasion to make that time more meaningful and eventful.

Lennon’s immortal line of life being what happens in the moments when we are looking the other way can play heavily on my mind in this context; searching for the perfect moment can, I’m well aware, be a waste of the time I should be spending with these people.

My dad is one of those people I’d like to spend more, quality, time with.  When I look back at my life I realise that almost all of my successes have come as a result of my dad pushing my abilities and character.

I’ve never been able to tell him this, or thank him for the pushes.

It feels too sensitive and too honest.


In her autobiography, Kim Deal talked about male relationships, arguing that males tend to need a third element to their relationship.  Two men talking to each other may not feel comfortable, whereas they can bond easily when their attention is focused on something else- football say, or music.

It’s a theory that makes sense to me and fits with my character, perhaps explaining the reason I need to find those perfect moments.

The Cat Stevens show was insightful and meaningful in ways that go well beyond what pop music is supposed to do, and how it is supposed to make us feel.

Steven’s voice has improved with age- he was always soulful but now his voice is full of knowledge about the world; you can hear the regret, the joy and the pain.  It’s a voice that offers insight and a level of comfort which makes it okay to sing along.  And people do.  Presumably for their own lifetime of reasons.

Father and Son was a moment I’ll never forget; my father having introduced me to this singer and this song, and this son loving his father for that.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt closer to my father than in that moment.

It’s just a shame I was waiting for the perfect moment to tell him.

I’ll go to many more shows in my lifetime.  But I don’t think I’ll go to one that will mean as much.

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