Teesound. Base Camp. 17.4.22

Pushing the independent scene in interesting directions, Base Camp Boro has come to be a cornerstone of Northeast alternative culture.  A welcoming and diverse venue, not too unlike Byker’s Star and Shadow, perhaps the nicest thing about Base Camp is its atmosphere and underlying ambition to create a space where everyone pulls together to create an environment which supports artists and artistic projects. 

Putting this ambition front and centre for twelve hours on Easter Sunday, Base Camp’s Teesound Festival created a welcoming space for live, lo-key, musical and artistic events.  Supported by a market area filled with interesting art stalls, Teesound is a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon; it’s chilled out and fully enabled by a team who are happy to help and recommend artistic activities to enjoy.  I’m not able to stick around for the late-night DJ sets, which various socials show as a feast of dance floor fun, but I am around to watch live electric guitar jam over the top of well-known dance floor beats, and cars be fully spray painted – it’s all incredibly impressive. 

Warm, friendly and supporting the arts, Teesound is a credit to the region.  Well done Base Camp; we need more events like this which make interesting art accessible and tactile for everyone.

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