The Prodigy. 04.05.15. Newcastle 02 Academy.


The sense of alienation i’ve felt over the past few weeks has been pretty scary; the royal baby means nothing to me and the general election was a battle of the bullshitters.

Yet I watch as, seemingly, the rest of the country obsesses in the trivial and the obscure.

It makes me wonder what we have become and what we stand for.

It’s not inconceivable to consider the Prodigy as the Dylan or MC5 for the Generation Y & Z; they’re loud, they’re angry and they have much to say about the state of the nation.

Live they are truly bombastic, delivering their message with a sledgehammer.

New and old tracks stand side by side in intent; Nasty Nasty and Smack my bitch up being clear about their feelings on authority, Firestarter setting out their plans for revolution and Their law being the greatest political statement of all time.

Liam Howlett remains a true conductor and Maxim & Keith his intense town criers.

If art is about holding up a mirror to society then the Prodigy have not only built one, but they’ve smashed through it.

The world needs more Prodigy.  It really is that simple.

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