Squid. Boiler Shop. 22.10.23

There’s more than a little nod to the New-York-turn-of-the-century-indie-vibe tonight as Squid waltz on and blast out their scratchy guitar fretwork met with effortlessly cool, lo-fi, sonic exploration.  Matching the guitar rock of The Strokes with the more understated elements of LCD Soundsystem, the five piece Brighton gang bob and weave through a set which takes in the combination of funk, rock, indie and disco to produce moments of epic pop.  Though bordering on self-indulgence in places, particularly in the we-know-you-know-that-we’re-very-good-musicians, Squid manage to stay just on the right side of entertaining and accessible; particularly on tracks form their last album.  Performer of the night must go to lead guitarist Anton Pearson who’s solid riffs, effect pedal mastery, and general guitar wizardry must put him somewhere close to the Johnny greenwood mould – he’s outstanding from start to finish.    

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