Mycelial. Northern Stage. 24.10.23

Exploring an underground of community of sex workers, writer Catrina McHugh’s major brief focuses on a ‘nothing about us without us’ approach to story-telling.  Resulting in real stories about real characters, Mycelial is a mile-wide investigation into those who participate in sex work; how they found their way into the community, how they feel about it, and how it has impacted their lives.  Scattered across a number of interesting characters and back stories, Mycelial becomes a peep-hole into an often hidden world. 

Showcasing McHugh’s ability to present diverse topics without leaning too heavily on personal morals; the strength of Mycelial is how it transforms into a vehicle through which to allow the viewer to arrive at their own opinions without heavy direction.  Aside from a slightly long ending, driven by an apparent desire for closure of each character’s story, Mycelial shines as a no-holes-barred, open-ended, account of an industry often stigmatized by overly-obvious, and simplified, stories.  

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