Susan, Swine Tax and No Teeth. 3.1.18. Little Buildings


Too often reviewers miss the point of live music, being caught in the intricate details of a performance rather than considering the event as a whole.   Put simply tonight’s event was a real shot in the arm for the future of local music and it’s a credit to the promoting team (‘Spotlight’) for putting on such a strong line up, and the bands themselves for delivering on the evenings promise.  The North East has some truly exciting bands in our midst and with a bit of luck (and the attention of the London Press) big things could happen in 2018.  Based on tonight alone it’s about time the North East’s talent stopped being overlooked.

Second up on the evening, and first to be reviewed, are ‘Susan’; a somewhat rebellious bunch with a glint in their eye and mischievousness marked all over their faces.  Blending the more raucous elements of the Libertines with the poppier aspects of the Strokes, the band compliment their infectious songs with Albert Hammond Jnr sounding spiky guitar licks.  Driven by Buckfast, the band, and their in-crowd, have bags of attitude, style and potential.  A one to watch.

Swine Tax kick in next with a shoe gazing sound and the look, and feel, of The Vines.  Frontman Vince completes The Vines tribute with his, almost perfect, reincarnation of Craig Nichols both with his stunning guitar playing and frantic energy.  Perhaps most catching about the band are the blend between their hard alt rock sound and Vince’s emotive, Robert E Smith sounding, vocal which is at times so soulful that you almost feel each lyric.

Headliners No Teeth finish off the evening with the heaviest sound of the night.  It’s a sound blending Black Rebel with Black Sabbath, underpinned by a guitar sound inspired from garage rock champions The Kinks.

With 3 great acts, the future promises great things.

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