Nico Yearwood. The stand. 17.10.23

Spanning a 90 minute set, Nico Yearwood brings a certain level of cool and composure to the Stand tonight as he bobs and weaves across a number of different topics and artistic ‘bits’.  Circling a narrative which focuses heavily on culture and diversity, Yearwood is at his best when he jolts into his asides, or free-forms his responses to crowd interactions; off-the-cuff references to fatherhood, gym techniques and balding showcase a style that is happy to go further-than-most comedians but with an accessible and relaxed delivery style which allows us to follow Yearwood into topics where some other comics might not travel.  Moving into sections about Barbados culture and dancehall lyrics, Yearwood’s relaxed style glides across the surface of diversity and the importance of critical thinking in a way that is humourous, accessible and well structured.

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