Ash. 7.10.23. Nxt.

It’s an early start for The Subways tonight as they blitz into a well-rounded set which is well attended by a crowd clearly keen to see both acts. 

Bright and powerful, the performance of the ‘Ways makes for a great support to fellow indie/pop/punk/rockers Ash who have the crowd well in the palm of their hands by fourth track ‘Life less Ordinary’.  Early standout ‘Shining light’ showcases a band still at the height of their musical power, with the double header of ‘Kung fu’ and ‘Girl from Mars’ building the momentum so high that only a brief stoppage (a result of lively crowd moshing) seems able to help the audience catch their breaths. 

Soundtracked by a new album, Ash still perform at a high standard and whilst Tim often pulls most of the adulation, tonight it’s Mark, with his yoga-meets-punk bass intense performance, that steals the show.  A great night for old favourites.

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