Paul Foot. 5.10.23. The Stand

Known for his abstract and alternative style of comedy, it’s somewhat ironic that Paul Foot’s current tour, perhaps his most grounded and ‘real’ to date, has also become his most universally acclaimed.  Focused on his two-decade long battle with depression, ‘Dissolve’ strips away many of the protective layers Foot often uses with his alternative comedic persona – instead focusing on the very real, and often very troubling, range of emotions felt during periods of existential crisis.  Arriving on stage with a twenty minute ‘best of’ section, it’s Foot’s second half (opened with a crowd-waltzing commentary of a bird singing) which shines the brightest; Foot using personal stories to showcase the ‘breakthrough’ he has had through ‘letting go of ego’ and ‘finding happiness in the moment’.  Whilst shadow’s of Foot’s legacy persist (I was constantly waiting an alternative-comedy-twist), the longer the show goes the more stronger the connection becomes to Foot’s message; humour and happiness live in the places where you focus on the moment.  Very Kaufman.

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