A flock of seagulls. 19.9.23. The Cluny

It’s an 80’s throw-back of sorts tonight at the Cluny which perhaps proves the theory that the 80’s were far closer to the future than bands from the 90’s were with their synths, love for technology, and elements of mixed gender and androgyny.

Opening with local goth-synth-punk William Denton Wilde, Wilde’s music builds up the perfect warm up for synth hero’s A Flock of with his rumbling bass and pulsating synth textures. Standing out with songs about mortuaries, including “Dead house” and “Resurrection men”, Wilde’s catalogue, and his confidence, continue to grow.

A quick turnaround means it’s not long before A Flock of Seagulls are on stage.  Fronted by ever-present Mike Score (looking suspiciously like Sean Ryder tonight on account of his shades), A Flock turn up the musicality tonight with Pando’s basslines and Kevin Rankin’s drumming providing the perfect live textures to the synth standards.  It’s perhaps guitarist Gordon Deppe who shines brightest tonight, blazing over the wonderful ‘The More you live, the more you love’ with great lead guitar lines.  A final flurry of pop classics, including ‘I ran’ and ‘Telecommunication’ finish a set which is incredibly well played by a collection of musicians who still clearly care about both their music and live show.

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