Cinematic Orchestra. 20.9.23. The Sage

Taking to the stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal album “Man With A Movie Camera.”, The Cinematic Orchestra live up to the title of their ensemble with a performance that combines a unique sound and visual experience.

Originally conceived as a soundtrack to Dziga Vertov’s film “Man With a Movie Camera,” the newly re-imagined stage show sits somewhere between the smoky-chin-stroking effects of a DJ Shadow live event and the visual cinematic overload of the Pet Shop Boys ‘Battleship Potemkin’, combining somewhere/somehow to build two separate artistic mediums which can be enjoyed individually or as a collective force.

Led by original creator, Jason Swinscoe, The Cinematic Orchestra move through lush soundscapes led by some inspirational live jazz drumming and in places some funky double bass grooves.  Collectively the ensemble create a soundscape somewhat reminiscent of the most cinematic elements of the Propellerheads big-beat sound whilst mixed with sprinkles of the more down-tempo jungle break-beats of the turn the century.

Deeply moving in places, and combined with abstract visuals which morph into haunting images, the combination of the music, visuals and overall stage performance of the Orchestra becomes transformational in places – repetitive beats building into powerful soundtracks which underpin the importance of the triviality of life.


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