Panic Shack. 7.4.23. Cluny

It’s a terrific start to this evening’s sold-out show by popular local pop stars, bigfatbig.  Dominating the stage with great songs, and even better banter, the bigfats comfortably own the Cluny 2’s stage, delivering a solid show including highlights from their debut EP which sound even better live than on wax.  With some solid new material on show, the bigfat’s demonstrate serious promise and are certainly ones to catch on their forthcoming shows. 

A quick handover to Cardiff hero’s, Panic Shack, is helpful in maintaining the evening’s energy and momentum; with the Shack’s selection of introductory songs setting an early collection of highlights and creating a real buzz in the crowd.  A combination of L7s guitar-driven, punky/indie pop sensibilities (‘Ji Jits You’ and ‘Meal deal’) mixed with some sharp pop moments (‘Baby’ and ‘Mannequin Man’) showcase both serious songwriting and performance skills.  Performed brilliantly in between a mixture of band dance moves, fits of laughter, and a relentless cover (‘Gay bar’) Panic Shack put on a seriously good show; one made up of fine musicianship, interesting perspectives, and a huge bunch of positive energy. 

 Fair play to the promoters for putting on a well-curated show, and even more praise for both bands for putting on such great shows.

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