His Lordship. 6.4.23. Ne Volume. Stockton

It’s an early start for Leeds three-piece punk/new wavers Nervous Twitch as they rollock through a collection of punky sounds and sharp melodies including standouts ‘I don’t care what you think you know’ and ‘Alright lads’. They’re a great warm-up for surely the hottest trio around, His Lordship, who’s transformation from smart-suited fashionista’s to sweat-dripped drowned rats over the course of their 45-minute set is all you really need to know. Launching with ‘All cranked up’, and expanding out quickly through ‘Buzzkill’ and ‘Jacky works for the nhs’, the Lords are relentless – belting out high-energy rock n’roll/rockabilly with the intensity and precision of absolute craft masters.  Led by two-founding members, James Walborne (guitars and vocals) and Kristoffer Sonne (drums and vocals), there’s no moment to catch your breath during Walbrone’s attempt to recreate Jerry Lee Lewis and Eddie Cochran (simultaneously), and Sonne’s ability to drum (and perform) like Keith Moon.  Filled with two-minute, white-hot, 1950’s styled pop bangers telling tales of teenage dreams and Americana you have the feeling that if Jack Kerouac ever invented a band – it’d be these. 
Best live act around? Absolutely

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