The Undertones. Newcastle. Boiler Shop. 31.3.22

It’s always a real disappointment when gigs are cancelled a minute before they’re meant to start, but fair play to the Undertones for coming out onto stage personally to announce that tonight’s show isn’t going ahead due to a medical emergency with drummer Bill Doherty.  We all wish Bill the speediest of recoveries.  Though we didn’t get the full show it’s certainly worth making a comment on support act Hugh Cornwell, who’s set of Stranglers/ solo material is as close to the type of immaculate you’d hope from an artist who has dedicated their life to their craft.  Prowling the stage as if this was his first show, and shredding his guitar with super technique, Cornwell is on fine form.  Standing out with edgier, rawer, versions of the Stranglers 5 minutes and Always the Sun, it’s perhaps recent solo track Monster which steals the show, Cornwell playing and singing like he still means it, man.   It’s a shame we don’t get the whole show but what we do get is a great performance and a lot of get well soon wishes.

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