Mr Incredible. Alpahbetti. 30.3.22

Sometimes the challenge with a one-person show is that they can lack a counterpoint; becoming so rigid that they tend to lose focus of the fact that we’re all flawed.  Choosing to wrap itself into the belief that the most honest account we can give to a story is not a fundamental belief in ourselves, but rather an accurate portrayal of the small pieces which collectively make up our whole.  Contradictory, complex and balanced, Mr Incredible is an interesting take on the challenges we all face when trying to live up to the beliefs we have about how we should behave, how we should live our lives and what happiness should look like.  Holding multiple perspectives at the same time, and displaying an incredible range of emotions from actor Joe Gill, Mr Incredible chooses not to make fundamental decisions about the morality of the central character, but instead to leave these decisions to us; and that’s not an easy request.  Excellent.

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