Overflow. Dance city. 26.3.22

Image not mine

Using overlying metaphors, the new piece from Alexander Whitley, feels like how’d you imagine the final days of humanity would be if we were at war with AI.   Dark, pulsatingly loud, and full of relentless, almost counter intuitive, physical movements, Overflow is an exceptional piece of work which images the end of modern-day civilisation.   Bringing together the claustrophobic themes of 1984’s paranoid, surveillance-capitalism, and mashing them with the end-of-the-world destructionist references of any of the Tripod based sci-fi novels, Overflow becomes an almost animated Alexander Mqueen piece; an artistic concept that mines modern references to find a dark, gothic, undercurrent that is beautiful to watch but terrifying to truly reflect on.    Surrounded by visual and lighting excellence, and centred through an industrial, almost techno, soundtrack, Overflow locks you into a world exploring how we might come to behave if we were always seen. The final scene depicting how humans might come to deify AI in the future is particularly nightmarish. Dark and excellent.

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