MXYM. Newcastle Bobiks. 1.4.22

Fair play to local promoters Shin Gigs for yet another solid all-rounder with three of the best at tonight’s Bobik’s gig.  Starting off with electro popper Michael T Ogilvie, tonight is a celebration of all things pop; Ogilvie’s fine set standing out with current single The Weather.

A quick jump across to still-one-of-the-best-hidden-secrets St Buryan provides a moment of 1975 meets the Red Hot Chilli Peppers pop-guitar with the band on sparkling form – they really do keep getting better and better. 

Headliner MXYM finishes tonight in blistering form; completing a set that pushes their artistry to its zenith.  A complete artist MXYM takes control of the songs, the song writing, some piano parts, the outfit, as well as the visuals in a show that is a complete presentation of artistic sensibility.  Full of grimy electro pop, including a cover of Pull up to the bumper as well as the glorious Pageant, it’s nevertheless the slower, more soulful, track Closer that stands out with its vocal intimacy and precision    A deviance into a few piano covers provides a final insight into a talented, theatrical, creative artist who does exceptionally well inside of the Bobiks space and shows serious potential for larger, bigger budget, moments that hopefully will come.  Just imagine where MXYM could go.

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