The Dawdler. The Cluny. 16.5.19

Sometimes the best pop music is the type that’s there for you when things aren’t going so well.  Perfect for those days when you can’t get out of bed, certain strands of pop have an ability to wrap around you, provide comfort, and let you know that it understands how you feel.  In a similar style to the more gentle, distant, moments of Spiritualized and Bon Iver, The Dawdler’s recent release ‘Keith In Ballachulish’ proved a potent pain reliever for such moments, nudging it’s listeners towards a relaxed, dreamlike, state where no pain, anxiety or fear could be found.   Reproduced in a live setting, with visual focus given to a front sheet screening of an episode of Inspector Morse, The Dawdler’s music becomes even more impactful than in it’s recorded form.  Cinematic, slightly distant and incredibly gentle, tonight’s five piece, led by solo Dawdler John Edgar, create a sedative atmosphere, consciously drawing out the key melodies and vocals of the piano based, slightly electronic, soundscapes.  Highlights ‘Pete’ and ‘Flickering out’ stand out by providing Edgar with the minimalism over which to place gentle, understanding, melodies, themselves wrapping around you and letting you know that somebody else cares.  An evening which proves that sometimes the emptiest vessels are the loudest this was meaningful, intoxicating and pain-relieving.

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