Jen Brister. Meaningless. The Stand. 24.9.18

It may be a point too obvious to make, that I’ll make anyway, but a comedian’s choice of warm-up music often becomes integral to the contextual setting of their show.   Choosing to use a Bikini Kill soundtrack Brister’s choice of ring-entrance suggests an evening of liberal feminist ideals and progressive politics.  More importantly, perhaps, it also suggests an understanding of punk-rock sensibilities and the ability to combine fearlessness with insightful.  No pressure there then.

Making her name as a go-to comic for outspoken honesty it’s no surprise that tonight finds Brister, as ever, in prickly form.  Ranging across topics from the me too movement, male potency, the everlasting struggle of agreeing with age old clichés about parenthood and perimenopause, Brister’s points are anything but, well, meaningless.

Bulldozing her way across the evening, Meaningless is unashamedly angry and eruptive and expertly brought to life by Brister’s sense of humour and the discomfort she creates.

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