Against the current. Newcastle Riverside. 27.9.18

If you’ve watched any of the classic documentaries about the pop music world, say ‘Abba: The Movie’ or ‘Katy Perry: Part of me’ (if you’re not over 50) then there’s a good chance you’ll have noticed the juxtaposition between the obsession by pop fans to ‘understand’ their heroes, and the reality that there can be very little to understand.  Regular people, the very best pop stars are often those who are able to move from normalness into heroism as soon as the lights go down.

Having never stalked ATC I have no understanding of how interesting they are, though their show does suggest that they are ‘regular’ people who transform into a collective and perform electronic pop with a style of sheer joy as wonderfully well as the best.  Enveloped in a style of music often sounding superficially happy, yet hiding moments of sad/reflective melodies, ATC are energetic, uplifting and melancholic all at the same time.    Surely that’s all that needs to be understood.

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