The vamps. 25.4.18. Newcastle arena.

Pop stars with aspirations to be credible indie musicians? Maybe

Charismatic frontman? Very much so

Cleverly veiled messages inside songs aimed at under 12s? Yes

Pop music? Certainly

The vamps provided a solid, all round, performance. Led by a charismatic frontman, benefiting from knowing double entendres, and aided by some strong pop melodies, these guys provided some great pop moments and a message of their potential.

Yet there’s a few worrying moments tonight, usually when they take the frontman away or they dig into their vaults for material. Neither really works.

These could be greats in the pop world; they just need to look for more of the melodic tunes and leave the frontman alone upfront to provide the charisma. More winking and swearing would also be good.

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