Seasick Steve. 21.4.17. Newcastle Academy

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As a competent, no nonsense, crowd-pleaser made with a lack of narcissism, it’s almost the perfect irony that Seasick Steve has become a very rare type of artist in the 21st century. Preferring to play music, rather than self-promote, Steve has outgrown the initial hobo/ 2 stringed guitar player cult figure status he was originally labelled and turned himself, perhaps unintentionally, into a rebellious artist who refuses to adhere to the modern day social group think.

Like the man himself, Steve’s live show is centred around the music, an environment which allows him to showcase his excellent pitch, rhythm, phrasing and devil may care guitar playing style. His accompanying, one man, band adds both a strong tempo and structure to his sound, supporting his guitar playing rather than smothering it. These live conditions are important to the overall style and atmosphere of the show, and allows Steve to thrive.

Steve’s music, offering listeners a glimpse into his painful upbringing; is perhaps the most important insight into important creative choices.  It’s this past, or maybe his age which seems to allow him to give a performance that is totally sincere, totally committed, loose and free, and a style of extroversion rarely seen in today’s very careful, image conscious, music environment.  He drinks, he swears, he speaks his mind and it’s all very refreshing.  

In a culture where everyone is taught that they have a voice it is heartwarming to hear someone who has found theirs, uses it well and appears not to need to let everyone hear it.  Good pop music should offend and disrupt. It should also be fun. Steve delivers on all of this and more.  

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